A village of the three step Jin Jia Wan village Party branch Baoziwan Town North District of Xini

The annual per capita income of

villagers in 2003 2000 yuan, annual per capita income of 8000 yuan in 2008, 2011 annual per capita income of 10 thousand and 350 yuan; a row of neat beautiful buildings, every two villagers have a car; the small village has been the formation of agricultural science and Technology Industrial Park, industrial park……

Jin Jia Wan Village Baoziwan town Chengbei District of Xining city

, a small village 209 villagers, 0.35 acres of arable land per capita, in recent years the rapid development of why to set foot on the road?

speaking of reason, this is not only the Jin Jia Wan villagers hard work, the more prominent Jin Jia Wan village Party branch in the implementation of the new rural construction, adhere to the scientific development, lead all the villagers in the past several years, a "three step".

first step: let the village hull

village is located in the vicinity of Xining, the limited number of per capita arable land. Many years ago, outsiders to the home of the village is the biggest feeling is more than the T-junction, broken road, see the place to go around a large circle to be able to. There is no cultural activities in the village, a lot of young people to the sun.

2007, Xining Danla highway transit highway construction, Jin Jia Wan village more than and 60 villagers relocation. In this opportunity, led by the village committee, unified planning, unified layout, unified construction of new village houses, rows of beautiful villas. Subsequently, the cultural square, elderly activity room, kindergarten was built up, the drainage facilities, the smooth wires in the roadway, on both sides of the mosquito breeding garbage into the lawn, Jin Jia Wan Cun Lu Ping Deng Ming, grass green bonuses became my province model village.

feel the changes in the village with each passing day, the villagers are most in the hearts of the villagers: if there is not a good party branch, which come to the home of today!

village Party branch secretary Su Qiming said that the construction process of the village, is the construction process of the village Party branch. When he took office, the village collective accounts only 83 yuan, and 130 thousand yuan of debt, the collective income of less than 10 thousand yuan each year, the village committee team is not unity, open the villager congress, the villagers are reflected in some problems, the resolution of the village Party branch into the village is very difficult.

in Su Qiming seems to work at the grassroots level, first of all to improve transparency. In the rich project implementation process, Jin Jia Wan Village "two committees" and always will be the village affairs and financial democratic management and the three on a vote "as the village organization system to promote the development, serving the people, unite the people and promote the premise and foundation of harmony. Adhere to the village cadres and villagers money group of village cadres, village cadres and villagers decision-making trial work on the principle of the villagers, a village in the village (Finance) quarterly public service, to allow the masses to participate in the management of village affairs to promote village level organizations work standardized and institutionalized. In this mechanism, the image of the village committee suddenly set up.

second step: do everything possible to muster the villagers pocketbook