Hand in hand to create a happier future


March 14th, CPPCC attended the twelve session of the four meeting of the closing ceremony of the province CPPCC at the Great Hall of the people before the group photo. Newspaper special correspondent Qi Guobiao photo


attended the CPPCC in the youth member of the twelve session of the four meeting of the closing of the

this spring, with hope and trust of we meet.

this spring, hand in hand to create a happier future.

history focus on this solemn moment: March 14th at 2:30 in the afternoon, the Beijing Great Hall of the East Plaza, 16 province CPPCC National Committee members and members from all ethnic groups from all walks of life together, once again gathered here to participate in the upcoming twelve session of the four CPPCC meeting closing ceremony.

"this meeting is full of harvest, confidence is more adequate!" "The most exciting thing is that the general secretary of Qinghai care and love and expectations, is a great encouragement to us, but also a great spur." "The first thing to do is to carry out the spirit of the two sessions"…… Members dressed in formal or ethnic costumes, his face filled with a smile, shaking hands, greetings, talk about feelings, say confidence.

this is the convergence of wisdom, this is the collision of ideas. 12 days time, the CPPCC National Committee members of the focus of the country, the people’s livelihood, earnestly perform their duties. A copy of the proposal, to the body of the people, anxious people; a speech directed at the problem, puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions; a discussion, encourage the free airing of views and consensus.

inside and outside the venue, the CPPCC National Committee members from Qinghai Jingshenhuanfa, in good out of a bandbox show style. This calm and confident, from a solid line of research, from in-depth analysis and thinking, from the people will be warm and cold in my heart, will be implemented by the public concern.

around education, health care, finance, logistics, water conservancy, justice, rural areas, the CPPCC National Committee members submitted a total of 79 proposals to the general assembly, of which the individual submitted a total of 74, a joint proposal of 5. Proposal involves a wide range, depth, high quality, both around the overall situation, but also concerned about the well-being of the people, pieces of the wisdom and painstaking efforts of the members of the committee.

15 40 minutes, the high-profile CPPCC National Committee of the twelve session of the four meeting of the successful completion of the agenda, the magnificent national anthem in the voice of victory.

in Spring is in the air. atmosphere, our province CPPCC step out of the hall with vigorous strides.

CPPCC members shoulder the glorious mission, responsibility, must be brave to play, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream to make due contributions." In an interview with reporters, said members.

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