Six hit the city will be launched one hundred days of action

This year is a crucial year city, a city of battle horn sounded, April 8th, reporters from the city a city office was informed that Xining will start the implementation of the six "hundred days crucial action, and will hit the city work carried out, making the next best, to seize the initiative, to win this tough battle to win faith.The first is to carry out the action of

city environment hundred days crucial, to strengthen urban roads, public places, suburban joint illegal construction remediation; the second is to carry out public health hundred days crucial action on health standards, environmental remediation, license, facilities for the remediation standards, to further increase the intensity of rectification of small restaurants small shops, barber shops, beauty shops, small shops and small accommodation wash bath; the third is to carry out the traffic security hundred days crucial action, strengthen the vehicle Luantingluanfang punishment, focusing on remediation of drunk driving, overspeed driving, fatigue driving, running red lights, forcible overtaking, overload and other "six" dangerous driving behavior "; the fourth is to carry out the market order of the hundred days crucial action, according to the characteristics of dynamic markets, strong management, easy resurgence, focus on strengthening the non-staple food Management product market, livestock market, farmers market and urban market; the fifth is to carry out the social and cultural environment of the hundred days crucial action, perfect school, family and society "three combination" education system, improve the long-term mechanism of Ideological and moral construction of minors, we need to "purify the social cultural environment" special action and strengthen the minors venues and site construction management; the sixth is to carry out the window service hundred days crucial action, from the grasp of environmental improvement, improve the appearance of window catch discipline work order, grasp the system and improvement of working methods, establish the image of the industry with the style of work, improve the comprehensive quality of service industry and the level of work and window units. (author: Wang Xiaofang)