Wang Jianjun New Year’s day to visit the provincial government emergency duty staff

New Year’s day morning, firecrackers in the Spring Festival, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Wang Jianjun visited the provincial government office of emergency response and the total room comrades, and to the province’s departments around the emergency duty staff pay.

"everybody worked hard! Happy new year!" Wang Jianjun walked into the provincial government duty room and emergency command center, and the festival duty officer shook hands on the construction of emergency management platform, asked daily emergency drills, general office of the provincial government and various departments on New Year’s Eve and emergency duty work, on behalf of the provincial government and party secretary Wang Guosheng, in the past a year of hard Comrades work and family selfless giving thanks. He said that you are on duty in the first line, we will rest assured that the practical, hard work for you in exchange for thousands of joy, I wish you and your family a happy new year. He stressed that the emergency office is an important functional departments of the government, the government is an important assistant to lead scientific decision-making, a major responsibility, glorious mission. The current fast economic and social development, all kinds of emergencies, the emergency office of the State Council under the guidance of rigorous, remember keep accountability, quickly and effectively improve the ability and level of the motto, deal with various kinds of public emergencies, in order to effect the fastest and the best time to take care of things.

Wang Jianjun emergency command platform by the provincial government, the scene and the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Xining municipal government and Qinghai Airport Inc responsible comrades on duty. Yushu told the disposal well deal with all types of emergencies, to ensure that the people enjoy a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, security; social security and the police asked Xining, Xining province is an emphasis on stability, to further increase during the festival of social control, to ensure the safe operation of the city in order to understand the situation; caojiabao airport passengers out of Hong Kong, when he learned that flight punctuality rate reached 100%, no case of stranded passengers, he was very happy and said that the Spring Festival is a reunion day, passengers anxious to return, to do a good job in the spring from start to finish the work, let the passengers more comfortable and warm heart.

provincial emergency office and connect the city state and departments responsible comrades on duty said, the requirements of the provincial government and the province’s emergency duty to convey greetings to workers and their families, stick to their posts, to complete the task, not to live up to the expectations of the provincial government.