Xining former Camp Street Community Party members to promote the deeds of old deeds touched the hear

June 30th afternoon, in the former Camp Street Community Party activities, some residents of the district standing in front of the red sunset party members of the exhibition board, carefully read the story of the ten old party members on the board. Many residents watching emotion: I did not expect, these old people around there is such a glorious history. Too much admiration! I respect them in my heart."

Sun Zhilan said that his deeds, seventy years of age, the community party style exhibition, her eyes filled with tears, the excitement did not sleep all night, she said, her mind is all warm, strength, "but I can’t see the light touched, but also action. I want to continue to play the heat, do something for you." Sun Zhilan old man really is said to do, at noon on June 30th, the jurisdiction of a family of water pipes burst, Sun Zhilan and everyone together for more than an hour to solve the problem.

in the red sunset Party style show, with the whole party standing for 60 years Li Lianming, wearing a chest full of medals and Dong, 40 years of volunteer community ambassador Huang Xiuying…… They made an indelible contribution to the establishment of new China and the development of the motherland. Party members and the old party members to show the performance of the entire community of people, the old party members are more energetic." Before the first Camp Street Party branch secretary Lu Weixin is the Party style exhibition planning, writing and producer. In order to do a good job of this panel, Lu repeatedly visited 30 party members. Through the panels, he wants to let the old party members around the younger generation, at the same time, but also to mobilize the enthusiasm of the old party members, play the waste heat, and then contribute to community building.