Solid open good bureau Xining Development Zone to build billion industrial base

this year, the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone in the implementation of the 33 provincial key industrial projects of technological progress, and identified a number of new, continued construction and renovation (expansion) of key industrial projects, plans to invest 32 billion 500 million yuan, Gan River Industrial Park, Dongchuan Industrial Park, Nanchuan Industrial Park and Biotechnology Industrial Park will combine their respective industry positioning, the industrial base has been formed and comparative advantages, to cultivate and build one hundred billion yuan industrial base.

last year, the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone around the province to determine the project characteristics of the ten major advantages of industrial and technological progress, accelerate the implementation of a number of strong driving force, extend the industrial chain, technology and equipment with high levels of major industrial projects, industrial sales income of 67 billion 900 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 24.4%. This year, the development zone will focus on build national circular economy pilot area development goals, to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly Park in a more prominent position, and strive to build a system of circular economy industrial park, accelerate the build industrial scale, extend the industrial chain, the competitive advantage of industrial sector and industrial base, and constantly improve the Industrial Park support force.

is based on the Gan River Industrial Park, non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, chemical industry, vigorously develop the circular economy, efforts to build the non-ferrous metal processing industry chain extension, coal and natural gas chemical industry chain, accelerate the construction of fluorine chemical industry park, chromium chemical industry park carbon (graphite) materials Industrial Park, the cultivation and development of modern logistics productive service industry, the construction of the park has become China’s important non-ferrous metal production and extension processing, coal polygeneration, fluorine chemicals, chemical chromium and carbon (graphite) materials, special railway castings industry base; South Sichuan Industrial Park by creating a carpet wool spinning industry chain, lithium batteries and energy storage battery industry chain, concentrating photovoltaic cell industry chain, accelerate the construction of "the Tibetan carpet capital of the world", China’s important resource intensive processing and storage of lithium lithium battery production base, Kunlun jade processing Distribution center; Dongchuan Industrial Park, through mergers and acquisitions to expand the scale and enhance the quality, to build silicon materials and photovoltaic manufacturing industry chain, copper deep processing industry chain, titanium alloy casting and tube plate strip processing industry chain, electronic aluminum foil and extend the industrial chain, the park built into an important province of silicon materials and solar photovoltaic manufacturing, light metal alloy and electronic materials industry base; Biotechnology Industrial Park to build a national hi tech Industrial Development Zone as the goal, to speed up the R & D center construction enterprises and technological innovation in public service platform, to cultivate and develop high-tech industries, through the integration of resources, corporate restructuring, technological innovation, enhance the level of industrial development, to build deep processing, characteristic resources in Kunlun Tibetan Plateau, barite and new materials, sanitation vehicles, electric vehicles and other industrial clusters, Actively promote the construction of Chinese herbal medicines and biological resources reserve Trading Center, the park has become an important base for the fermentation of Cordyceps sinensis powder, wolfberry and seabuckthorn processing industry base. (author: Xiao CuO sub tree flowers)