Xining police cracked a major drug trafficking case seized 550 grams of heroin

October 1st, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau narcotics detachment in cooperation with the relevant departments, the destruction of a drug trafficking network, arrested 2 drug suspects, seized heroin, heroin, 550 grams.

recently, drug detachment police learned at work, some people in the Xining area of long-term drug trafficking, the police immediately organized the police to carry out the investigation, the suspect Kwak drug trafficking network in Xining to find out. In late September, the suspect Kwak carrying goods back to Wang flew to buy foreign drugs, narcotics police detachment net for September 28th, suspects from overseas bought large quantities of drugs for trafficking, return to the city of Xining narcotics police detachment to enter Xining city roads and railways for 4 days under strict surveillance, pit waiting.

October 1st 21 PM, waiting at the train station the police found carrying drugs Wang on the platform, quickly capture, from the spot to carry goods seized 550 grams of heroin, the police were in a Xining primary school entrance to follow up a victory with hot pursuit, captured in the Xining area distribution of drugs weimou. After the examination, the king of Wei, two for Kwak drug transport and distribution of drugs confessed to the crime.

the police are to arrest the suspect kwak.