Xining ten rescue platform to protect the basic livelihood of the poor people

62477 households in urban and rural households to enjoy minimal relief, 66 thousand and 500 people to receive medical assistance in urban and rural areas, the housing difficulties of the masses to help 6865 people…… December 4th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Xining ten rescue platform gradually improved, the basic livelihood of the people to be difficult to protect.

: the urban and rural assistance platform for 30074 households of 64597 city residents, month low premium 14 million 944 thousand and 900 yuan; 32403 households in 91960 rural residents, the annual premium of 141 million 9 thousand yuan low.

medical rescue platform: rescue object can enjoy paying insurance participation, outpatient assistance and relief, the first three quarters, the implementation of city medical assistance 44 thousand and 200 people, payment of all medical assistance funds 15 million 317 thousand yuan; the implementation of rural medical assistance 22 thousand and 300 people, spending on medical assistance payments 33 million 153 thousand and 700 yuan.

rural five objects rescue platform: at present, Xining city has a total of five objects of 2470 people, 20 homes for the concentrated feed 304 people, centralized and decentralized support standard were 6051 yuan per year and 5120 yuan, the annual five guarantees gold 12 million 930 thousand yuan.

disaster relief platform: in Xining this year, the disaster, the Civil Affairs Department of the first time allocated living natural disaster grant funds 5 million 450 thousand yuan, 2 million 250 thousand kg of grain relief. In the two approaching, to carry out heavy victims, homes for the elderly care homes, welfare homes and other people in the hospital for the masses of the people’s sympathy activities, the issuance of condolence gold 87634 yuan, flour, 30 tons.

platform: temporary assistance for subsistence outside the scope of the urban and rural poor people, due to sudden and temporary reasons, resulting in basic living temporarily difficult, to give a one-time relief 500 yuan to 3000 yuan, will be extended to low income assistance policy. At the end of October, the issuance of temporary relief funds 2 million 21 thousand and 200 yuan for 1314 people in urban and rural areas (per capita subsidy of 1538 yuan).

heating rescue platform: according to the type of rescue object, each year issued 350 yuan to $800 heating subsidies.

higher education aid platform: offers 2000 yuan admission loan for poor students admitted to public undergraduate colleges, this year for 529 poor college students paid 1 million 58 thousand yuan relief funds, and will meet the conditions of the rural poor families into the city residents of poor students, until finish school.

housing rescue platform : Investment 143 million yuan, the implementation of the transformation of the rural people in danger;