Seven measures to promote the feelings of the people live

according to the municipal office, the municipal government office to carry out the "Xining city" on Forwarding the report to the people, please review the people "live" activities program notice requirements, from October onwards to the party’s mass line educational practice ended, in our city to carry out the theme of practical activities to promote the city’s property system, property system to further change the style of work, and earnestly solve the problems existing in the work, and constantly improve the ability to act for the people.


practice is the theme of "housing security benefits of people’s livelihood, promote feelings of the people live, there are seven main contents: activity – changing work style. To change the work style from the aspects of improving the ideological understanding, working attitude and improving service quality. – enhance the ability of liberating. Combing the petition problem in recent years, summed up and analyzed the root causes of the petition, the development of effective measures to solve the petition problem. Comments and suggestions. Responsible for handling NPC proposals and CPPCC proposals, the organization morals supervisors held a forum, the issuance of questionnaires, through the media, network telephone, mail and other published comments, more channels to solicit opinions and suggestions. Formulate and improve measures. Control the work function, find the weak link in the work, the development of targeted measures, one by one rectification implementation. Solve the remaining problems. Through the theme of practical activities, to sort out the remaining issues in recent years, and one by one to solve. Increase publicity and training efforts. Take a variety of forms, the party’s policies and policies and regulations of the Xining real estate industry wide publicity, expand the awareness of the people. Optimize business processes. From the point of view of the people, the convenience of each of the procedures for business process reengineering, to maximize the convenience of the masses. (author: Xu Shunkai)