Province to carry out special inspections of communication information fraud action

reporter recently learned from the Provincial Communications Authority, to guard against fraud information communication related work, in accordance with the deployment of the Ministry of information industry and the overall work, the Provincial Communications Authority conscientiously perform their supervisory responsibilities, set up a special inspection team to develop programs, detailed check list for each item, the Telecom enterprises in our province to guard against fraud information communication the implementation of the work of inspection.

it is reported that the inspection group to focus on key business organizations to deploy, standardized, contain false calling, construction techniques, responsibility assessment, social supervision and propaganda guide six aspects of 17 key work, focusing on corporate self-examination found weak links and problems, by listening to the reports, interviews, on-site checks of key business contracts and acceptance etc. check out form.

after the inspection, the inspection team on-site informed the inspection results, and clearly requires telecom operators to effectively assume the main responsibility, to further strengthen internal management and rectification work, curing mechanism, and constantly improve the ability of guarding against and supervision at the source level. Next, the Provincial Communications Authority will continue to focus on the special action of the work, strengthen supervision and management and guidance, the special action to push.