Subsistence allowances for urban and rural residents in Xining city For payment in place 160 thousa

In order to guarantee the basic livelihood of the people in urban and rural areas, and gradually realize the social assistance and security standards to improve the development speed, amplitude and economic income growth basic synchronization requirements, since January 1, 2012, Xining city again improve and rationalize the urban and rural minimum living standard, as of December 4th, Xining city has 63 thousand and 800 160 thousand people benefit, dibiao release all funds in place. According to the Xining Municipal Finance Department staff, improve the city minimum living standard based on the current city minimum living standard raise 20 yuan per month, while the temporary price subsidies (per capita 55 yuan / month) transferred to the minimum standard, by 238 yuan per month increased to 313 yuan per month, involving 31 thousand households of 68 thousand people. The rural minimum standard in the current rural minimum living standard of last year the per capita increase 180 yuan (raise 15 yuan per month), and at the same time, temporary price subsidies (per capita 30 yuan / month) transferred to the minimum standard, the annual increase of 1325 yuan to 1865 yuan a year, involving 32 thousand households of 92 thousand people. Currently, the city of Xining has 33 million 10 thousand yuan to raise the standard grant funds allocated to the district (county) issued to the hands of the object of subsistence allowances. (author: Zhou Jianping)