Xining and the Qaidam Basin Dachaidan hinterland will achieve full speed

in December 29th, in order to improve the service level of road network resources and boost the Qaidam region circular economy construction at present, the area of experimentation area, comprehensive construction of 6 highway construction, the total mileage of nearly one thousand kilometers. From Xining to the Qaidam Basin, Beijing Tibet Expressway west of Xining transit section, Daotanghe to the Republic of Huangyuan to the west highway, a highway is completed, Xining and the Qaidam Basin Dachaidan hinterland will achieve full speed, travel time from the current 12 hours to 8 hours.

since the end of last year, the Provincial Department of communications in accordance with the national and Qinghai Province, "highway network development plan" to speed up the construction of the Qaidam area of highway resources. At present, the Qaidam Basin in the Gonghe to Chaka Chaka, to Delingha, Delingha to XIAOCHAIDAN Lake Highway 3 has started construction. The 3 high-speed channel is completed, will put the tea card of Saline Lake, Saline Lake, Lake Kreuk, Ke Ke XIAOCHAIDAN Saline Lake, Hongshan coal mine, coal mine and other resources at Cypress Mountain together, forming the east edge of the basin, West Qaidam hinterland, connecting Ulan Industrial Park, Delingha Industrial Park, two Park, a fast channel more than and 500 kilometers. When Jinshan to Qaidam, to Da Qaidam Chaerhan, Qarhan Golmud 3 highway, 215 National Highway in Qinghai province belong to the road, is the national highway network in the 18 contact line of Liu grid part, high speed at present, these 3 highways are under construction, after the completion of the formation of North Qinghai, Gansu at the junction of the two provinces, in spring on coal mine, coal mine, Yuqia tin Tieshan lead-zinc mine, Ma Jinhaihu, Sebei gas field and Dabuxun Saline Lake rich resources of South Gobi, Golmud City, a total length of 400 km high-speed channel, two, two industrial parks in Golmud province.