Supply side reform change out a future

no one can stay out of the market. Industrial city of Golmud, in recent years is also facing its own industrial structure is too thick, biased, short and industrial products can not meet the market demand difficulties. However, now here is to supply side structural reform as a breakthrough, step by step to open up the situation and seek further development.

as the deputy general manager of concentrating on the production of nonferrous, Geng Jian is one of the Pioneer Metals Corporation’s management every day in the shortest sleep Qinghai West henan. He said that in the past, he also slept four hours at night, one o’clock in the morning to sleep, five o’clock in the morning to wake up, why? The company is very difficult, he must consider the problem of food factory inside five hundred employees.

is not the same now, even though Geng Ji is still sleeping for four hours a day, but it is because they are doing the transformation. After the completion of renovation, they factory there is hope.

back in 2008, Qinghai West Henan non-ferrous Pioneer Metals Corporation has just settled in Golmud City Industrial Park, it is called a scenery: has the most advanced smelting technology at the time, no worries about the market and sales; hundreds of people, everyone can work to the West in fine fig, Henan, is the dream of many people.

however, within four years, good times don’t last long, former West Henan company should be in full swing, because technology can not follow, in the peer more backward, almost turned into a zombie companies".

when the clouds over the factory can be scattered? Rapidly changing market, what kind of products? On this side of the supply, what can I do? The company pondered over and over.

one day in January 2015, Geng Jian received a phone call that the company intends to invest 290 million yuan to carry out technological transformation, to reverse the situation of losing money year after year. He recalled: I was particularly happy, almost jumped up and called the chairman several times, for fear that the news is not true."

has the funds to support the Qinghai West Henan non-ferrous Pioneer Metals Corporation began preparations for the purchase of a new equipment, staff training, factory moment full of vitality, which is the reform of the power supply side. Geng Jian laments: for us, the supply side reform, not only technical innovation, but also to change our ideas, innovative products. Although this efficiency is only four simple words, but it is a process of pain."

supply side reform, as many as Qinghai nonferrous metals Pioneer Metals Corporation, Henan Province, as the company injected new vitality, in Golmud Economic Development Zone, such enterprises have many.

Golmud has abundant resources of magnesium, but just to Daoyuan Ju Qinghai baishite magnesium industry limited company as general manager, also made a worry. Magnesium can do? How to sell the product? How to sell to ensure long-term sales?" With a series of questions, Daoyuan made a careful analysis of the market, will look at the above high purity magnesium hydroxide.

mobile phone touch screen glass, as well as nuclear power plant cables, submarine cables and other cables used in the use of Gao Chunqing oxidation;