Welcome to Xining teachers’ speech contest is very exciting

to celebrate the thirtieth National Teachers Day, September 4th, Xining city held the city’s education system to practice the socialist core values of young teachers in Teachers’ speech contest, on behalf of the competition, the contest showcases the city’s teachers dedication and selfless dedication spirit, carry forward the contemporary teacher teaching, teacher occupation.

it is understood that the contest theme, "take the lead in practicing the socialist core values, China round my dream", by the competitors according to the topic title, speaking in Mandarin music. Reporters on the scene saw the teachers participating in unscripted speech, are closely combined with their actual work, closely linked to the socialist core values, the speech content close to life, right, vivid, smooth and natural language, has a strong appeal to win hundreds of principals and teachers on resonance and applause, Xining City, the majority of teachers reflect on the world outlook, outlook on life and values, a profound understanding of deep thinking and deep thinking and enhance moral cultivation, enhance personal sentiments of the urgent desire, will enlighten and guide the teachers to enhance the consciousness and practice the socialist core value system initiative. In another development, the 12 schools in West District teachers also come together to show in the form of primary school with the Wenhui carry forward the Chinese traditional virtue of respecting teachers, to celebrate their own festival.