Xining City District for farmers to send Hui agricultural package

Xining city district party members to carry out in-depth activities in rural areas, to send to the farmers to benefit farmers package".

of the 6 packs are: Hui Nongda 5 million 80 thousand yuan investment to the total area of 11 old village historic town life garbage cleanup, and complete garbage containers and collect collection vehicles, new Chen Jia Yao village sewage treatment facilities engineering environmental remediation benefit cau package.

Comprehensive teaching building and ancillary facilities,

investment of 6 million 320 thousand new primary school Xie Jia Zhai 2591 square meters, invested 2 million 350 thousand yuan renovation Lu Zhai school playground, septic tank and school circuit, 4 million 547 thousand yuan investment in new Zongzhai center kindergarten education benefits cau package.

for provincial and municipal Civilization Office of special funds, 1 new rural children’s palace in the sunshine primary school, issued a number of "green computer" to rural schools for poor rural students in Western assistance project funding to complete their studies, new basketball courts, badminton courts, baseball field, fitness path and cultural benefits cau packs in Xiangtang village.

is a free examination of the region over 60 years old in rural areas, to help Chen Jia Yao Cun, 60 square metres of construction of village clinics, funded more than 2 yuan of medical equipment, send the value of 5000 yuan extra necessities health benefits cau packs of 17 needy households Xie village.

during the spring, wheat, rape and allocation of pea seed relief 24 thousand kilograms, 690 tons of chemical fertilizer, agricultural credit issued 1 million yuan of funds. Allocation of improved demonstration field with 58 thousand and 500 kilograms of seed, complete the breeding of new varieties of 10 thousand acres of new technology promotion and full film mulching potato planting. Investment of 4 million yuan, the implementation of the total south, Du Village of efficient water-saving irrigation works. Invested 700 thousand yuan, the completion of the city, three capital regulatory information network platform for the construction of the town of 1, the village of rural science and technology information network platform for the whole year, free of charge of agricultural science and technology training of agricultural science and technology in the 18 phase of the package free of charge in.

to carry out the "65" law popularization activities in rural areas, according to the law "into the countryside" activities, to further improve the rural residents’ legal consciousness and legal quality, the ability to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests of the growing free farmers do a good job of legal aid activities, mainly for peasant workers and widows, disabled and disadvantaged groups in legal aid, Party members and cadres with the establishment of a "help" or "family twinning" helping relationship, the formation of a good atmosphere of social rule of law in the countryside legal benefits cau package. (author: Su Jianping Zhang Yongzhi)