The police set up a sure catch north of the city of Xining police destroyed a car theft gang

recently, north of the city of Xining police successfully destroyed a car theft gang, arresting two suspects, recover stolen a car.

October 1st 22 am, Xining City Public Security Bureau, the North Branch of Qilian Road police station received 110 orders: a victim parked stolen in a Wulingzhiguang van province hospital pharmaceutical factory family, police on duty rushed to the scene, after the victim to witness investigation and visit, and the other side of the police station duty police contact card interception. The suspects fled in the direction along the side of the drive to catch up, eventually in the area at the Village Ma Fang Xi Xing Yuan, a suspect was arrested in pakistan.

after hearing that, only a 30 year old and 25 year old Pakistan, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Chengduo County, in early October 1st two with others driving large trucks to Xining cement, the family courtyard to Qilian Province pharmaceutical factory before, because of the traffic jam two people get off to buy drinks, found the victim before and after the family gate of car to the pharmaceutical factory into the family area, two people have a fine idea, to find the car glass broken stone, the touch switch is prepared in advance and change, will be worth more than thirty thousand yuan Wulingzhiguang van stolen, rushed to Yushu, but the taxi companies to Mafang area of West apricot village, by the police they arrest.