Western mining group ranks among the top 2013 Chinese enterprises in the top 500

2013 "China top 500 enterprises list will be released, our province western mining group to 23 billion 665 million 970 thousand yuan of sales revenue" Chinese again among the top 500 enterprises list, which is the company for seventh consecutive years to enter the list, is currently the only province to receive this award of the enterprise.

this year, the provincial joint venture with the "top 500 Chinese enterprises" assessment committee to strengthen communication, to further increase the intensity of reporting. China’s mining industry group in the west, Saline Lake industrial group finalists, China’s top 500 manufacturing enterprises, the list, the provincial investment group, the Provincial Property Group finalists China service industry top 500 list. Five provincial enterprises at the same time into these three national ranking is the first time in our province, which also shows that the province’s provincial state-owned enterprises are moving towards the momentum of rapid development of fast track. (author: Zi Yi)