Yang Rukun director of the provincial Environmental Protection Department of environmental protecti


5 7 -9 June, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau Director Yang Rukun led the office of the offices and units responsible comrades to research Xining environmental protection work. Zhang Yongjun, vice mayor of Xining municipal government, Deputy Secretary General of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, accompanied by the person in charge of the investigation of the person in charge of the investigation of the city of China, vice mayor of the city of.

director Yang Rukun after listening to the report on the situation of environmental protection work in Xining City, fully affirmed the achievements of Xining in recent years in the field of environmental protection has he pointed out that Xining is the capital city, has the pivotal status in the province’s economic and social development, people account for a large proportion of the province’s service duties very significant. The environmental protection work is facing great pressure. Xining city environmental protection work in the municipal government attaches great importance to and vigorously support, the environmental protection work can be timely arrangements, carefully implemented, work showing a bright, strong forward-looking, highlight the effectiveness of the. Especially through the sewage outfall investigation, environmental remediation, coal-fired boiler research work of industrial enterprises to carry out a comprehensive in-depth Huangshui River Basin pollution control, air pollution remediation has laid a solid foundation. Through the implementation of the rural environment contiguous comprehensive improvement project, the legacy of chromium slag treatment, air quality monitoring and other key environmental protection work PM2.5, effectively promote the establishment of a national environmental protection model city. At the same time, the fine grid management, environmental protection, and promote the political popularity of wind construction and environmental protection team construction.

director Yang Rukun stressed that with the rapid development of economy and society, the public’s demands for environmental rights are getting higher and higher, the basic environmental quality is public goods, environmental protection has become the largest livelihood projects. Xining city to the "year" as an opportunity to further strengthen the environmental wind as the breakthrough point, to further increase environmental protection efforts, efforts to improve the environmental quality, focus on the following six aspects:

is to further increase efforts to promote environmental protection, vigorously promote measures and highlights the work of environmental protection in Xining city in recent years, to guide the public to actively participate in and support environmental protection, to form a good atmosphere for the whole society to care for environmental protection work.

two is to the comprehensive management of Huangshui River pollution as the starting point, the provincial government in accordance with the "full collection, full treatment, and control requirements, increase the sewage outfall remediation and pipeline construction, the first, second sewage treatment plant upgrading and reconstruction work and the city’s sewage treatment plant construction and operation management, improve sewage treatment rate further. To improve the water quality of Huangshui river.

three is to carefully organize the implementation of contiguous rural environment improvement project, ensure the high quality of construction projects, and actively explore the establishment of long-term mechanism of effective operation and management of the project, in a typical experience, the implementation of contiguous rural environment improvement project.

four is to seize the historical legacy of chromium slag disposal, accelerate yanggouwan chromium slag disposal capacity production line construction progress, scientific scheduling management, strengthen environmental supervision, prevent pollution two, achieved the standard disposal, ensure that the year to complete the task of disposal. At the same time, do a good job of chromium slag contaminated soil remediation project for the early work.

five is good air;