Stick in CCTV Township non dance performances of intangible cultural heritage

In order to fully demonstrate the characteristics of Xining regional culture, dig deep cultural connotation, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, city wide Bureau repeatedly with the China dancers association communication, careful orchestration to reflect local characteristics of folk dance, actively participate in the national games. In March 2013 14 to 19, the city’s art gallery art troupe dance spring representing the city of Xining, in the CCTV integrated channel "dance world" column, to participate in the national intangible cultural heritage of ethnic folk dance performances. The event is the National Association of Chinese dancers and CCTV literature and art channel jointly organized national dance star dance activities of non heritage.

25 non-governmental organizations from across the country participated in the non original dance performances, and the exchange of learning. The event is divided into five phases, each for five dance shows, performances are non original dance, Xining Art Museum of folk art troupe dance team dancing in spring "stick" to Tu Xiang melody, beautiful dance, the children express love for hometown and pursuit of a better life. The. Dance contains heavy regional cultural characteristics, showing the charm of the Turkish amorous feelings, showing the new image of Xining culture.