Promoting network resources to realize resource sharing

To sum up the results in a timely manner, grasp the focus of the future, to improve the quality of education and teaching, recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Education held a network of teaching and research, and promote the teaching and research, teaching and learning competition summary commendation Conference

timely summary of the results, grasp the focus of future work, improve the quality of education and teaching, recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Education held a network of teaching and research together with the promotion of teaching and research, teachers teaching competition summary of the general assembly. The county education bureau director, department director, director of the information center, Juzhu units in charge of teaching vice president, Dean, director of teaching and research, information technology, network teaching and research director responsible for personnel and teachers on behalf of more than 300 people attended the meeting.

, two, twenty-five, Xining Huangchuan middle school will carry out research work of network in detail, and a live demonstration of the information center, City Board of education responsible person explained in Xining city construction planning, resource database. City Bureau of education of teaching competition in Xining city in 2010 70 of the teachers award-winning teachers and the 2010 "joint teaching and research work in the outstanding performance of the fifth Xining area, Taiwan area, a tiger in the area, eleven in the area of recognition awards.

the meeting pointed out that a year of network teaching and research work in the joint efforts of everyone is to the routine, rapid, specialization and standardization direction, the area formed a distinctive teaching culture, the teacher is a new concept of the new curriculum, guidance, actively participate in the education and teaching reform practice.

the meeting stressed that in the work of network research in the future, all units should further enhance the understanding of the research on the network, a clear purpose and significance of network research, one is to strengthen team construction, increase investment, guarantee the implementation of network teaching and research work. Two is to strengthen the use of network and resources to carry out research activities. Three is to strengthen the guidance and management of network teaching and research work. In the teaching and research work, focus on effective classroom, improve the quality of the burden, focus on solving the problem, to promote the curriculum reform, focusing on leading the guidance, school-based teaching and research. The school should take full advantage of each area of the platform, the initiative to participate in the activities of the area, aggregate wisdom, and truly achieve cooperation and sharing, and enhance the purpose of common.