Province launched the implementation of aquatic seed subsidy program

In order to speed up the healthy and sustainable development of aquaculture fisheries, improve the coverage of fine varieties, this year, the province of aquatic seed project to arrange 1 million yuan of funds to start the implementation of a variety of aquatic subsidies. The scope of subsidies including triploid rainbow trout, rainbow trout, late all female rainbow trout, trout and whitefish high quality seedlings. Subsidies in the form of direct subsidies to the cash supply units, the specific subsidy criteria: 5 grams / tail more than rainbow trout and more than 3 grams / tail more than the end of the white salmon subsidy of $0.5, the proportion of subsidies accounted for about 25% of the market price. After the implementation of the project to the farms (households) to provide high quality seedling 2 million tail, the cold water fish breeding coverage rate reached more than 95%; at the same time, but also effectively reduce the cost of breeding farms (households) to enhance the enthusiasm.