Municipal Committee municipal Party Committee Organization Department Minister Zhang Xuetian to gui

July 26th, municipal committee, municipal organization department minister Comrade Zhang Xuetian in the vice secretary of county Party committee, county magistrate, county government enterprises build a model village "activities leading group, deputy party secretary Feng Ming, county committee, organization department minister Zhou Haichun, county deputy magistrate Ma Wenyi comrades accompanied by research to guide the Datong" military enterprises build a model village "activity.

Zhang went to the town of Changning riverside village, Qiaotou Town Village, Shangguan Wan Village, town of Tal tal Liang Jiao Quan Cun Xie Gou Xiang, rural governance, small dam dam industry Taiwan industry village, Jile Gila village, Xin Zhuang Zhen Shen WA, Kip door village, treasure mountain, five rooms, Xiang Temple Hall Township Village, a detailed understanding of the use and management of military enterprises to build demonstration village "activities of special funds and associated units of helping, and inspected the progress of the project, the Township Village village sanitation situation. In the riverside village of Changning Town, Zhang stressed that must be fine "concept through the military enterprises build a model village" activities, pointing to copestone meticulous beautiful and practical, to thoroughly clean sanitation dead. Nanjing Road along the responsibility of the unit to take responsibility, to speed up the progress of the fence, with the surrounding village construction to maintain consistent.

taught the country governance in Dong Liu Quan Cun Huang Jia Zhai village and Liang, Zhang looked at the "military enterprises build a model village" and the relocation project planning, emphasis on the basis of solicit public opinions on the good village planning, to ensure the harmonious and beautiful village construction. In the thar thar Town Village, Zhang see Muslim style on both sides of the streets of the village appearance renovation, self pressurized, carry out the "military enterprises like a raging fire to build the demonstration village" activities fully affirmed, and stressed, to play the role of advanced grass-roots party organizations, for all kinds of special funds, to mobilize the masses to actively put labor, will go all out the tarwan village to build into the county and the city’s cultural model village. Zhang Minister of industry of Taiwan, small Xie Gou Xiang Ba BA Xiang Industry, Gila village, bliss treasure mountain, Xiang five rooms, temple village "military enterprises build a model village" activities fully affirmed.

finally, Zhang pointed out that the "Datong county government enterprises build a model village" activities currently has achieved results, but the situation of cities and counties three approval time, heavy task, to the "can not afford" sense of urgency, not slow sense of crisis, "sit still" sense of responsibility, focus on the following tasks: to establish a long-term mechanism of environmental management and protection of the village health education, the villagers to develop good habits, to care for the living environment, improve the village appearance; two to encourage the masses to actively self, labor, government guidance, enterprise assistance as the foundation, play the main role of the masses. To mobilize the masses to rely on their diligence and wisdom to build a better home circle; three to strengthen the village economic development, increase farmers’ income, improve production and living conditions;