Qinghai University a scientific research achievement reached the international advanced level

8 month 21 days, to carry out the inspection evaluation expert China. Huazhong Agricultural University academician Fu Tingdong of Qinghai University researcher Du Dezhi presided over the completion of the "spring rapeseed hybrid breeding and application results. It is concluded that this achievement has reached the international advanced level in the resource innovation and the selection of early maturing varieties of early maturing Brassica napus.

Expert Group believes that the results for the low yield of spring rape, poor quality, weak resistance and other issues, to carry out Brassica napus germplasm resources innovation and hybrid breeding. After more than and 20 years of research, breeding high yield, high quality, resistance to disease, strong resistance, wide adaptability of the "green miscellaneous" series of hybrids, a substantial increase in China’s spring rapeseed yield and quality.

It is reported that the results of

, cultivate high quality rapeseed hybrids 11 (8 through the national variety examination), which is suitable for planting in low altitude areas of the 7 varieties of Brassica, than the conventional ones by 10%-30%, the oil content of up to 46%-50%; suitable for planting in high altitude areas of the early maturing varieties 4, than cabbage 15%-40% type rape yield, oil content increased by 3 percentage points. 11 varieties of quality have reached the national double low (low erucic acid and low glucosinolate), resistance (tolerance) to Sclerotinia significantly improve the application of early varieties of the spring rapeseed planting area increased 200 meters altitude limit. During the research period, also obtained 3 national patents, plant new varieties of rights of the 1, the development of technical specifications of the 18 papers published in 23.