Nomads settled 5 years to benefit the project of 530 thousand people

News from the Qinghai Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, from 2009 to date 5 years, the total settlement of herdsmen in Qinghai province completed a total of 113 thousand housing construction projects, benefiting the masses of the people of the District of animal husbandry, accounting for about 9.2% of the total population of Qinghai. Qinghai is one of the five largest animal husbandry bases in the whole country, with a total area of about 96% of the total area of the province, with a total of about 60 per cent of the world’s total, and the number of Tibetan sheep in the first place in the country. However, due to the extensive traditional animal husbandry, decentralized mode of operation, the majority of herdsmen have long been living by the nomadic life. According to the director of agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department of Qinghai province Zhang Huangyuan introduction, since 2009 the nomads settlement project started, Qinghai Province Commission Regulation Commission through the system of self regulation construction, etc., to encourage the herdsmen settlement, as of now, to build a nomads housing 7 million 760 thousand square meters, the average area of 68.69 square meters, in order to let the nomads move out stability is maintained, can become rich, Qinghai Province in the guarantee of the right to the contracted management of grassland nomads at the same time, vigorously promote the construction of animal husbandry cooperatives, at the same time to settle by improving social services, so that the original nomads to better integrate into urban life. The reporter saw at the adjoining Qinghai Lake north of the Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gangcha County, many small nomads settled housing concentrated are equipped with knowledge of Tibetan Chinese bilingual students comprehensive volunteer service team, taught the settlement of nomads use a bank card, insurance card, household appliances etc.. After settling down, dolls to school, the elderly to see a doctor more convenient. Now my husband in cooperatives as a breeder, I opened a shop in the county, the family income of nearly forty thousand yuan a year, nearly doubled from the original." The family lives in Gangcha County lakes Jiayuan the settled herdsmen that Kyrgyzstan said. Zhang Huangyuan believes that the nomads can not only make the pastoral people equally enjoy culture and education, health and other modern public services, but also conducive to the transformation and upgrading of traditional to modern animal husbandry, the pastoral areas of long-term social and economic development of great significance.