A cosmetics shop opened about matters

cosmetics industry contains a huge space for the profits attracted the attention of many investors. To open a cosmetics shop, seemingly simple but the real business up actually inside the doorway a lot. Especially some young people to start their own businesses, because of their own experience is not very rich and can use the funds are not many, so how to make use of small capital opened a cosmetics store by many investors concerned.

first, the determination of the operating mode of the cosmetics store

cosmetics industry in the future development of sales channels, should be the stores and large department stores, supermarkets, a situation of tripartite confrontation situation. The department store counters is the high-end line, attract some high consumption groups; they are supermarket development ideas, big and complete products to sell products for cover and contain everything, and profits; cosmetics store operation to be successful, must take different routes to the unique business ideas, so small and fine, in addition to sales characteristics of the products, but also provide more intimate service for the customer, so that in the fierce competition in the market has a space for one person.

if you want to open a cosmetics store, then you must first determine the store’s business model, you want to run a brand of cosmetics, or to operate a number of brands of cosmetics. In addition to skin care products, but also to the shop to add some life care products (such as shampoo, perfume, shower gel, etc.), make-up, nutrition, food, etc.. If the business model is determined, we will be able to determine the brand owners to choose your purchase channels.

two, the choice of cosmetics store brand (or choose to purchase channels)

a single brand of cosmetics stores, are generally used in the form of franchising, the brand owner authorized you to sell their products in the local or to provide customers with the appropriate services. For example, AVON stores, fruit Sutang fruits and vegetables beauty stores or Shanghai Jahwa Baicao set etc.. Join this shop general safety coefficient is relatively large, the main brand direct delivery to you, eliminating the intermediate links, do not worry about fakes, and problems such as insufficient supply of smuggled goods. May be the main brand to join the business requirements are relatively high, the investment should be slightly higher.

there is a shop to purchase their own, but this way, relatively speaking, the possibility you encounter fake and smuggled goods is relatively large (of course, unless you start positioning on the sale of counterfeit or smuggled goods brand cosmetics). Open such a shop, it should be said that the overall brand image will not be too good, long time customers will lose a lot. And your supply is not guaranteed. But the store may have a little advantage, that is, the variety of products will be very rich, cosmetics, cosmetics, daily necessities, jewelry, what are the sales. But in this way, the characteristics of your cosmetics store will be lost. (this shop, purchase we Gexianshentong.