Let the masses see change and development

on the afternoon of April 28th, the municipal Party committee held a typical building in Xining, peace and grassroots organizations to cultivate and improve the work of the forum. Su Rong, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee of political science and Law Committee presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Municipal Committee, organization department minister Bi Xiaoning attended the meeting, the grassroots organizations to rectify and improve the work of the deployment.

Su Rong at the meeting stressed that peace building typical highlights cultivation and grass-roots organizations to enhance the work of rectification in Xining is one of the most important work in our city this year, will build 80 villages and 20 communities to build peace in Xining typical highlights, and to grasp 50 villages in reorganizing the rise, two to co-ordinate work together a arrangements, at the same time, to firmly and realistically achieve tangible results. To cultivate and highlight typical Xining peace building grass-roots organizations to enhance the work of rectification, Su Rong, to use "the ideas and requirements of work plan, the two works are part of" Three Basics "work, is" the specific, practical, project, do the work of two you can view the "Three Basics" to lay a solid foundation, according to the project management to grasp, in accordance with the "working method of grasping both ends, with the middle to grasp, but also with the method to promote synergy, the various departments together, ningchengyigusheng, forming a strong, to jointly promote the grassroots transformation, stable. To serve the grassroots masses.

Su Rong pointed out that, to resolve outstanding issues with the viewpoint and method of contradiction, with problem consciousness and problem oriented to promote problem solving, pay attention to grasp the principal contradiction, grasp the outstanding issues, sink body, calm down, open the new situation. In order to realize the objectives and measures in view of development, focus on development, focus on doing practical work, a number of outstanding issues and historical issues resolved through integration of funds, to carry out the work, let the people see change, see development, hope to see their own ability and strength. To use the coordinated measures to promote the implementation of work under the unified leadership of Party committees, the Organization Department, comprehensive management department, economic departments should make concerted efforts to coordinate all parties, the formation of working together to solve the most pressing problems facing the masses.