The correct use of name card can make high popularity shop

now a lot of small shops due to the size and type of goods, do not feel the need to issue cards. In fact, although the shop is open, but I also printed with their own characteristics of the business card, and the card if you have the right to use, I believe that the promotion of the popularity of the shop is very helpful.

my business card on the first sentence is "free delivery is not like numbness (editor’s note:" numbness "is Hubei dialect, generally referred to as human or electric tricycle driver) to make money, but will reap a lot of popularity". This is mainly for customers from my store wholesale goods. Others may ask: since the opening "numb" earn much, why don’t you go to "numb"? In fact, the free delivery does not make a lot of money, earn popularity.

customers this time let me door-to-door, feel my enthusiasm for the service and the quality of goods, the next time may be driving their own. Especially if the road is far away, the purchase of goods less, customers are generally not bother me door-to-door. Free delivery slogan let me harvest more, is popular and people.

In addition to

stores address, business scope, phone number, QQ number, my name card is printed in one sentence: "this shop cheap wholesale all kinds of goods required and variety, and free delivery." This is mainly for the big business in the home of large customers. Low price wholesale, variety complete, free delivery, rely on these three major advantages to attract large customers, why worry about popularity?

almost do not need to do some other efforts, you can let the popularity of the rapid spread of the store, and in the market will have a very big influence. In this way, through a small business card, my shop at different levels of customers who have a good reputation. They will pass on ten, ten hundred, the popularity of "money" and "appreciation".