Green sushi sushi

rotary sushi as we call Chongqing hot pot, is a special feature of the general name of food and beverage, and sushi is a more common in the Chinese market, a Japanese cuisine food items. Sushi is a traditional Japanese sushi sushi food, fish, a main feature of the restaurant, because of its fresh and elegant food, stimulate, coupled with a unique way of rotation, by the majority of consumers love. So popular in Japan and around the world, become a beautiful landscape of the food and beverage market. With the improvement of living standards, people are increasingly demanding on the diet, not only stay in the "eat, eat" level. Modern people need food to eat nutrition, eat healthy, and in the sense of beauty to enjoy. Sushi raw materials are very nutritious, most fresh vegetables and fish in the deep sea, a simple processing of shellfish, produced on the scene, to ensure that the raw material itself, nutrients will not be lost. Sushi and low calorie, low fat, is one of today’s healthy, nutritious food, to meet the requirements of modern healthy diet. It’s just a green day. So how to join this brand?

day green sushi sushi join details:

days green sushi sushi join conditions:

1, good business judgment and past success in career and life;

2, honest and good interpersonal skills;

3, entrepreneurial spirit and strong desire for success;

4, who has a strong desire to succeed, work hard and contribute to the team;

5, with effective management skills and ability to motivate, train and develop staff;

6, with the ability to manage financial affairs;

7, willing to devote all their time and energy to the daily operation of the green sushi restaurant;

8, is willing to accept a comprehensive training program, and a full range of familiar with the operation of rotary sushi restaurant;

9, investors are individuals, rather than the use of forged data to invest in the business of green sushi sushi business.

days green sushi sushi join support:

1, the opening of the support: to provide the store opening ceremony etiquette activities to implement the planning program, can send an experienced manager or manager to visit the guide, until the normal operation of the store, and provide long-term tracking service.