Hainan industrial and commercial office to explore in depth help entrepreneurial innovators

Hainan Department of industry has been active in helping entrepreneurial innovators, in the help of the government, Hainan’s business environment is getting better and better, more and more people choose entrepreneurship, also successfully realize their entrepreneurial dreams of wealth!

2016 March 27th, the Hainan Provincial Department of industry and information technology sent a special trip to visit the Hainan University entrepreneur Ceng Nanchun, to help entrepreneurs and other related issues.

once nanchun Hainan University entrepreneurs, the invention of the "coconut opening device" received much attention in this year’s Boao forum. In order to help the team as soon as possible once nanchun big industry, Hainan Department of industry, the first time to visit, study on enterprise development together with the entrepreneurial team’s technical route, business mode, ownership structure, industrial layout and other issues.

nanchun had said team will seize the opportunity to use the help and support of the original ecological processing packaging based on the advance of coconut water, through the "international tourism island" and "Internet plus" in two ways, started the brand enterprises, set up processing base, in the industrial development, high tech production, electricity supplier marketing "high starting point, development of coconut products, and gradually to other tropical agricultural products processing and other fields extended industry, constantly enrich the characteristics of food processing in the province, to contribute to the construction of international tourism island.



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