Exhibitors need to prepare what things

is now in a lot of places will hold a series of investment exhibition, at the same time, there are many enterprises in each year will go to some merchants of the exhibition, then, when the enterprise in this exhibition are some merchants need to pay attention to what the problem?

held in Chinese, almost all we can see a small box or a small box at the reception desk of each participating enterprises, some organic glass, some pieces of paper paste into, there is to do with iron etc.. They are written on the side of the "please give a business card", or "card collection box" and so on. This is a trick that exhibitors will use to get more buyers.

power socket

booth in the walls of the hidden places often have a little thing is essential. It is the power outlet. Electric fans, lighting, video, audio and other electrical energy needs to be connected to the socket. In particular, when the exhibitors held a number of songs and dances for the show to help out, there is no socket is equivalent to no power, everything is impossible. It can be seen that a power socket is far not enough, you must take the plug board, by inserting plate can be divided into a plurality of socket to meet your needs, of course, provides electricity to follow the show, do not casually use socket and plug board.

There are some of the following items:

price list



can bring some food


notebook computer

if the product relates to temperature, but also need to have a

if you choose for exhibitors tent products exhibition, then, in addition to considering the overall design, the layout in the tent and cost budget, high and low temperature regulation in the tent also should pay attention to. The experts pointed out: most of the tents can use the fan let inside the tent keep enough cool, it is recommended