Fear of cold air conditioning with the hotel to have a high power appliances hidden

because of the fear of the hotel room is too cold, wayward guests actually choose to bring their own air-conditioned hotel. Although this may be a little warmer, but with great security risks, it is not recommended to go out to play the passengers carrying this high-power appliances.

"hotel comes with air conditioning, the cattle! Who is responsible for security risks?" Yesterday, this newspaper in Hubei to reflect the Shennongjia Muyu Town Hotel Mr. Hu, the customer service staff in the room, found the guests will actually hotel room air-conditioning unplug the plug, put on with an air conditioner.

"two persons live in this room, is driving to Shennongjia skiing. Check in the night before, did not see with special baggage. Back at noon today, customer service to clean up the room, see the room air conditioning was replaced by a portable mobile air-conditioning. Asked, the guests said they brought their own. I don’t know when they moved this thing into the room." Hu said that he was not in the hotel, yesterday afternoon to return to the hotel, the staff gave him a look at the photos in the phone, he knew it.

"may be the recent cooling badly, the two guests worry that Shennongjia is too cold, comes with air conditioning. However, such privately electrical power comes through to the room, there is a big security risk, once the fire, in the depth of night, how do so many guests?" Hu said he opened the hotel for many years, for the first time to see such a capricious customer, I hope the customer a little more security awareness.

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