China Wine ten brand list the whole

a lot of people talk about China’s alcoholic products, perhaps the thought of liquor, however, the market is constantly changing, China’s wine market also ushered in a change. In short, many varieties of wine on the world, in fact, is the most elegant Wine, in people’s impression, Wine foreign wine imports, also feel Wine only authentic, but in fact a lot of China Wine brand already sold overseas. The following small series to introduce you to China’s top ten wine brands, are exported to overseas wine brands.

China’s top ten wine brands NO.1, Changyu

Changyu Group is the predecessor of the "Zhangyu wine company", in 1892, founded by the famous patriotic overseas Chinese industrialist Zhang Bishi invested 300 taels of silver, is the first industrial production Chinese Wine manufacturers. Is the top of the list of Chinese wine brands, after more than and 100 years of development, Zhangyu has developed into China and Asia’s largest wine production and operation enterprises.

China’s top ten wine brands NO.2, the Great Wall

the Great Wall wine is the world’s top 500 enterprises COFCO group’s well-known brands, is China’s first brand of wine, is a "Chinese famous brand products" and "industry iconic brand". List of Chinese wine brands, for many years the first production and sales in the country. APEC finance ministers conference dinner special wine, the only designated forum for the use of wine in Boao, the Great Hall of the people with wine.

China’s top ten wine brands NO.3, Dynasty

Sino French joint venture Dynasty winery Ltd. was founded in 1980, is Chinese second, Tianjin City, the first Sino foreign joint ventures, foreign joint venture for the French Cmc Markets Asia Pacific Pty Ltd and Remy Martin of Hongkong international trade and technology agency. Production capacity of 40 thousand tons / year, is one of Asia’s largest wine production enterprises in the whole juice.

China’s top ten wine brands NO.4, Tonghua

Tonghua Wine is September 30, 1949, the first plenary meeting of the first session of the CPPCC party only with Wine, October 1, 1949 800 founding ceremony only party Wine, Tonghua Wine known as "red wine".

China’s top ten wine brands NO.5, Veyron

Weilong company is located in the Yantai region, by the international grape and wine Organization (OIV) certification for Asia’s only wine and wine city. The wine is also protected by the state of origin, Weilong company as the first batch of enterprises. The grapes of the Veyron and the world’s most famous waves