Anhui nternet plus College Students’ entrepreneurship competition development

"Internet plus" form of entrepreneurship seems to have now become a theme of the times, at the same time, under the background of such a period of time, there are a lot of people through the "Internet plus" in the form of entrepreneurial success.

As the first

in the 16 days of competition, each team through the project plan, project review and interview, the respondent, investors show Item Exchanging mutual evaluation links, focus on innovation, commercialization, team and promote employment prospects, will eventually top 30 gold medal.   in September 6th, the top two in each group will be the final finals, for the final title. At the same time, the organizing committee will also recommend the selection of outstanding works to enter the national finals.


"Internet plus" entrepreneurial contest is a very meaningful thing in today’s era of the society, because of a business it can arouse the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs, promote entrepreneurs entrepreneurial success.


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