Wuhan housing rental vacancy encourage farmers’

in the rural areas, there are a lot of old people and young people in the migrant workers went to the village voice, according to China "rural China" reported that the Hubei city of Wuhan Province issued "on the" people of the countryside, the villagers to "speed up the construction of new rural support measures", to encourage the use of idle rural housing. In order to lease, cooperation, entrepreneurial and creative leisure pension and health, increase the rural collective economic organizations and farmers’ property income.

By the end of

2016, 6 new urban areas in Wuhan, the number of rural labor transfer up to 982 thousand and 200 people, accounting for the total number of rural labor force of 68.7%. According to preliminary statistics, 730 thousand sets of housing in rural areas of Wuhan City, there are 116 thousand sets of housing is in long-term idle state. In the survey of vacant housing rental households, people close to 80% of the willingness of cooperation. This is the public rental housing to provide space free entrepreneurship and innovation.

why is there such a large area of rural housing idle? This is the city of Wuhan and the people of the rural population, rural housing and poor circulation, lack of relevant management. Wuhan Municipal Agricultural Commission Director Tan Benzhong said, "go to the countryside, the villagers to carry out public activities, is to make use of idle rural housing, revitalize the idle assets of farmers, increase the rural collective economic organizations and farmers’ property income, alleviate the" hollow "phenomenon, accelerate the process of building new countryside.

in many rural areas, people like to build a house, but in many cases, the house is vacant. Wuhan city public housing idle to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation through leasing, cooperation with run farmhouse, pension institutions, set up rural leisure cooperatives, carry out technical guidance, the cultivation of new farmers’ occupation, development of rural e-commerce, reward amount from 20 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan.

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