Four necessary psychological tactics in business

shopping malls such as the battlefield, as the market continues to expand, more and more market operations, how to face the fierce competition, how to seize the high ground in the fierce competition? Let us take a look at the following business on the four necessary psychological tactics!


in the business, often encounter such persons, or rely on strong economic strength, superior, domineering; or have a large number of customers to choose, and strive to watch birds carefree and content, boon; or hold the key trade secrets, profiteering; or wait for the right price to sell, hardened, wily, deliberately play down the opponent, strayed into the trap.

A, facing the smart, well prepared, pragmatic and meticulous; confrontation, argue, step by step, be neither humble nor pushy, with courage and talent, Xianshengduoren, eventually make the other side sit up and take notice, dense willow trees and bright flowers.

business acumen, often longer than the calculation, calculating. Their market, peer strength, logistics trends. Well, a psychological mystery, traditional code of conduct; war skills are learned by heart. Before the battle, the arrogant state potential kick up a cloud of dust, proud enough to make timid guilty of embarrassment, show all sorts of ugly behaviours without a fight. Therefore, confrontation with the smart, self-confidence is a prerequisite for winning. Not because the opponent shrewd and underestimate yourself, not to lack of experience and timid timid on the basis of equality, identity, not a virtue in the spacious mind, turn to the sale, the mountain does not turn water Jiangshan generation of talented people no to go against the spirit of the opponent, you won’t look at each other on tiptoe back, or submissive see the other side of the ear and face, standing in front of the opponent will go with head high and chest out.

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