The coin operated laundry by tenants welcome why group

with the increasing pressure of our lives, we have become increasingly popular for independent laundry. Of course, to choose coin self-service laundry, is the strength of the brand to join the project. So, the next, let us take a look at the choice to join the introduction of coin self-service laundry:

this coin self-service washing machine, which has already appeared in Xiamen’s major "village" and the island, near the plant site. Reporters on the island a village to see, coin operated washing machines in addition to the installation of a coin box, the appearance of ordinary household washing machine is not much difference, but the body marked with a commercial washing machine. According to the wall of the price list shows, according to different services, the price of 1 to $5.

"just put 5 pieces of one yuan coin, can be put in the clothes washing machine for cleaning, after about 40 minutes, will be able to come back from the laundry. If the coin 1 yuan, after 20 seconds, the washing machine can automatically dehydration." "It’s very convenient," he said. "I’ll use it once in two or three days".

30 Zhao Zhao, who is a young man in Xiamen, engaged in construction work in Anhui, but also a frequent use of coin operated washing machines. This washing machine is generally located in the vicinity of a relatively large number of tenants, due to the tenant away from home, since the purchase of washing machine is not worthwhile, drying clothes conditions are not good, usually busy, but also do not want to wash." Master Zhao said, "now the winter, but can not do without it".

in fact, entrepreneurs choose to join the project well, is the basic needs of our success. Coin self-service laundry, is a very good entry. If you are also very interested, then, please leave a message!