Small package can also improve the whole business

business can be a hot development, many times, in fact, only need to change the packaging, you can have a different impact on the business. Now, as long as a slightly large supermarket usually sales dried aniseed, I shop there are many varieties: black fungus, tremella, letinous edodes, chili, pepper, star anise, etc..

a lot of the shopkeeper think dried aniseed profit rate is relatively low, and the customer to buy a few, so easy to overlook the sale of dried aniseed.

can now see the new year, everyone needs to buy some dried aniseed, how to promote the convenience of customers to buy, the goods sold?

I thought from the packaging innovation, the use of self sealing bags of goods.

I bought from the wholesale Department of different sizes of the bag, the bulk dried aniseed weighed loaded into a different bag, marked weight, unit price and total price. When customers buy back the goods, they can seal the self sealing bag, and then open the next time.

for the convenience of customers, to meet the different needs, I try several more letters of the price of dried aniseed, the customer needs what varieties, specifications and packaging needs what basic can satisfy them.

"histore ah, with the bag to pack sell aniseed really good, our selection is also convenient, you have so many ideas!" My old customer Aunt Li once bought several dried aniseed.

since I shop with bag packaging, dried aniseed sales promotion, but also increase the profit of nature!

if you do not know how to change in the course of the operation, in the process of continuous development of the times, or very traditional business ideas, I am afraid that the development of the business did not help. Through the above examples is not immutable and frozen sales practices, as long as we in the usual business think more, will make a package, to a commodity category, these small inconspicuous move may be able to bring good returns.