The world’s ten major brands list the whole

fashion trend of women’s clothing can make women more attractive, many women seeking fashion for women’s choice is particularly exquisite. With a skirt, a season of fashion, let us take the ten product as an example, the time women’s ten major brands, choose a good brand for the majority of women.

NO.1 brother


NO.2 Only

ONLY has many designers, all over Paris, Milan, London and Copenhagen, such as the main source of fashion, which makes ONLY forever stand in the forefront of popular european. With distinctive personality design and highly iconic Nordic fashion, laid the foundation for fast fashion. Suitable for groups of young women, the main style is simple and stylish. The price of civilians ranging from 29-1000.

NO.3 ochirly


ochirly, was the first to break the normal procedure launched a mashup concept fashion brand. From the design to the process, from the color to the plate, from the details to the mix, all mixed well, like a variety of fashion styles, are relatively high-end clothing brand, the price is about 150-2500.



"Jianjia gray, White Dew cream. The so-called Iraqi people, in the water side." Describe the people dedicated to the pursuit of a beautiful love, but elusive and melancholy mood, "Qiushuiyiren" interpretation to modern women, is a group of intellectual, romantic pursuit of new things, conservative but easily affected by the media attention are urban women, autumn water brand is located in such a group of Iraqi cities female designer by elegant and romantic expression, interpretation of fashion classic and target consumer groups in the elegant lady clothing style. Priced at around 100-500!

NO.5 Etam


NO.6 Korean clothes homes