Anhui commercial insurance institutions to carry out one stop service

state in order to allow the majority of people can afford to see a doctor, in the life of every people to buy health insurance, but when operated in the past is very troublesome. Questionnaire, the new rural cooperative fund related legal advice, hospital diagnosis, hospital discharge records, patient cost list, participation certificate…… In many parts of Anhui, to participate in the basic medical insurance for urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical people in the hospital after treatment, the joint office can easily in the commercial insurance institutions and the relevant departments to set up the service window and claims procedures.

patients as long as the cost should be paid, the remaining part of the settlement by the hospital and the insurance company, the patient does not need to claim the insurance company. This is the first in the country to carry out commercial insurance agencies in Anhui after the pilot service, market-oriented one-stop service to bring convenience to the patient’s family.

as a pilot province of national comprehensive reform in Anhui, commercial insurance agency orgnaization of basic medical insurance as a breakthrough, promote the basic medical insurance tube separately do separate affairs, to improve work efficiency, enhance the quality of service. Provincial health care reform office, responsible person, in Anhui, the government’s current medical insurance management is weak, such as the new agricultural county staff only a few, it is difficult to manage in place, it is difficult to effectively control costs.

and Business insurance company with actuarial, backstage management and so on a series of professional personnel, to promote the commercial insurance to the basic medical insurance pilot can use their professional management skills and sound organizational network, strengthen the supervision of medical institutions and medical clinics conduct cost control and evaluation, reduce the unreasonable medical expenses, improve handling capacity and service level.

after fierce bidding, led by the Anhui Provincial Department of finance, provincial health and Family Planning Commission, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Anhui Insurance Regulatory Bureau, bidding to determine the 6 commercial insurance agency orgnaization obtain qualification. From July 1, 2015 onwards, Anhui has 25 basic medical insurance for urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical system merged in the operation of the region, to carry out pilot commercial insurance agency services.

Anhui commercial insurance institutions to carry out one-stop service, for the majority of the people, is undoubtedly a very good thing, for the convenience of people’s lives and further provide benefits. From the year of the pilot run situation, Anhui in the field of medical insurance market exploration has achieved remarkable results. Through the introduction of competition mechanism, the government not only to achieve the service does not support people, but also significantly improve the efficiency of payment. At the same time, the professional insurance company taken by experienced survey members with a medical background and medical personnel to implement the exploration of double protection, effectively squeezing the malicious pianbao and excessive medical space.

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