The implementation of card Guangxi Nanning Railway

The emergence of

card, to people’s lives has brought great convenience, the recent in Guangxi Beihai – Nanning – Guilin, to achieve a card. Passengers only need to handle iron bank card, free tickets, free identity check card fast from the station, each train is in advance passenger seat reservation card.

iron bank card is a kind of embedded magnetic railway company and China Chinese Account Bank jointly launched the (online account) and electronic chip (electronic cash) double medium real name system for prepaid cards. Magnetic stripe account is mainly used for the purchase of train tickets through the station window, the Internet, self-service vending machines and other channels, the electronic chip is mainly used directly through the railway brake machine card ride. Electronic chip can store cardholder identity information and travel records within 30 days, the chip can be repeatedly recharge electronic cash.

day, located at the Guangxi train station in Beihai, many people in the queue for the iron bank card and related business consulting.

Guangxi coastal railway company in Qinzhou section of BeiHai Railway Station, the station today opened the iron bank card business travel card, the station all card sales window, out of the station equipment have been installed and tested. There is a need to do card passengers can go to the station to sell card window handle.

According to

reports, train passengers using the iron bank card in the station take the "D8" prefix, can release the purchase link, without proof of identity, directly stop traveling through the gates of credit card, car passenger seats reserved for the card in advance. When you enter the electronic chip record stop information, out of the station by the deduction of the corresponding electronic cash, all links without cash transactions, convenient, fast.

has a card, people do not need any cash, to bring great convenience to people, to win recognition. Iron bank cards are issued to meet the passengers convenient travel demand to a certain extent, ease the pressure of the station ticket window, by reducing the use of paper tickets, to achieve a "green environmental protection" the purpose of travel.

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