Skin care stores recommend new products which strategies Business

women’s skin care products of choice is the key, many entrepreneurs choose skin care products store, face enormous competitive skincare market, different skin care products to join the brand will not regularly to the market launch of new products, and new products, our franchisees can be appropriate to take some specific pricing strategies to promote sales.

1. market pricing strategy

high at the same time, but also for skin care stores at the appropriate time to prepare to take the price adjustment. When the new products entered the growth stage when competitors began to enter, to skin care products in mature period, intense competition in the market to the extent that the corporate competitors price way below, continue to expand or maintain market share, with high investment strategies for future price competition leave enough room, but fat is not conducive to market development strategy, cause psychological barriers for the majority of consumers, make people disgusted, so grease strategy is often used as a matter of expediency, not all new skin care products are applicable to pricing. Market pricing strategy is generally suitable for those high-end fashion beauty of new crystal production pricing.

2. market penetration pricing strategy