Break up the meal let you make millions of years is not a dream

now, a variety of specialty restaurants appear in people’s lives. Break up the meal, full personality, thoughtful service, with a party to operate the market. A lot of people in the modern world will choose to break up peacefully. Break up the meal, to provide special services for them.

, a small restaurant pavement savings Cheng Li was a pan under a building area of 125 square meters, and she took it as a meaningful name to "a good meal break up again". In order to make the meal more friendly and warm feeling, Cheng Li in the 15 rooms of the set, hired psychology, architecture and home economics experts from design, emotion temporarily fission couple, opened the "old place", "remember me", "not" for the rooms; the couple opened part company each going his own way, "Jinshengyuan", "hand in hand", "branches" and other rooms. After the completion of the