Remember how much money and investment pie

crisp skin with sesame fragrance, delicious pie will make people drool with envy. And remember the pie is one of the brand is relatively good to join the project. Today, and remember the pie is very welcomed by consumers, this also let the franchisee for the brand is also very concerned about, as a qualified franchisee, the first choice is the need to understand and remember how much you need to join the pie, the following Xiaobian introduce and remember the pie franchise fee is how much?

how much does it cost to invest and keep a pie? Look at the following Xiaobian for you to do a brief introduction:

a lot of people in the venture capital on the road, wavering, jittery, just because they still do not understand the investment industry, do not know what the investment project. Today Xiaobian to introduce a strength to join the brand – and remember pie. After many years of exploration and research notes, delicious innovative pie, is suitable for young and old, and therefore very popular in the market, is a very promising market.


and joined the pie in mind how much money the problem for the first time, entrepreneurship and investment entrepreneurs, Hutchison pie franchise fee only 5-10 million yuan, the investment risk is small, high rate of return, and the cost is relatively low, it is a good investment choice. And remember pie taste unique, in line with the principles of convenience and healthy fashion services, to meet the majority of office workers and young people’s consumption ideas and needs, is a good project for entrepreneurship.

and remember the exquisite selection of pies, high quality, no pigment, no spices, natural health. And the courage of the traditional technology and modern production integration, to show authentic and unique new generation of drinks. And remember the lemon pie and Xinyu collocation, health and nutrition, very popular.

and remember the production process of science, a complete preservation of the original nutritional elements of food, regardless of color, aroma, taste, shape will be refreshing. And the pie shop, fast, convenient, young and old, healthy and fashionable characteristics, and destined to occupy an important place in the Chinese fast food market. And remember. A special recipe Chinese fast food by careful research, by first cooking, the nutrition reasonable collocation, raw material concentrate supply all kinds of food, to ensure food safety, and Mudanjiang’s pie taste unique, rich species diversity, better reflect the Chinese eating habits.

and Hutchison have many years of experience in the fast food industry operating experience, well aware of the tastes and needs of consumers, to provide professional operational guidance and strong support for the franchise.

if you want to invest in this pie and remember to join the brand, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you to see the message, you can provide more pie to join the brand. >