New products listed on the need to do a good job of propaganda

after the advent of a new brand, if you want to make the market more quickly accepted, naturally also need to do a good job related to the promotion of manufacturers. After all, whenever a new brand of cigarettes on the market, the initial stage will always go through such a stage, wait and see, try, spread, spread. For each new taste, the public acceptance, how to taste? Good wine is also afraid of deep alley, we are sitting to wait for its customers to choose, or seize the opportunity to seize the initiative. This requires us to do these retail door publicity and patience to do the promotion.

according to our local words, publicity, advertising a word called xuan. Xuan is word of mouth, Wang Laoji declared, no one knows it’s red pot of herbal tea, Wahaha undeclared, no one drink nutritionexpress it, Mengniu not Xuan, do you know what a deluxe? Xuan is strategy. Xuan Xuan is marketing, the Xuan Xuan is clamoring, brand, benefit is declared. Publicity is eloquence, the declaration is psychological, is a challenge. Promote a brand strategy, production, packaging, image, price, etc.. For a long time, we have almost every retail consumer groups have been positioning, different regions, different environments, we do is how to guide the sale of smokers trying to buy new cigarettes.

because the cigarette is a special commodity, is not allowed to put up a pageantry advertising, how do you go to the new market positioning, there are a lot of customers don’t pay attention to the new cigarette market, the habits of consumption, while the retail door facing the old consumer groups for a long time will form the inertia in our retail sales, households is there such a situation, the old customer way, before the opening, we have learned about his smoking habit, a bag or a bag of furongwang Baisha passed past.

customers pay you to collect money, the sale is completed, the formation of the inherent rigid thinking of sales habits, missed the "Declaration" of a new cigarette good atmosphere and opportunities. As a retail household not only to learn to sell and sell, but also to learn how to declare! When new products can not produce benefits, customers do not know not to declare new is not a good display also cannot clap with one hand.

announced we will declare a sample, we have to declare familiar brand knowledge, know ourselves and know yourself. Do not understand the new taste, culture, background, connotation, and no confidence to think Xuan Xuan, Xuan Xuan is not think of a reason, this is our retail customers in the business continue to strengthen their own learning, learn more about master all the related knowledge of new products.

so called "declared" naturally come. In the face of different consumer individual character of the people, should have the courage to face the world, there is no innate eloquent speaker, no wall salesman, not afraid of the wrong as long as you can Xuan, Xuan Xuan, dare, you are most successful. Do all the preparatory work, skills in the second, everything is difficult to start, the first step out of the word, your goal will be achieved. < >