Grape seed extract million profit sharing entrepreneurial experience of female master

female friends are now out of the kitchen, have their own work, and even some women have their own company. Master female entrepreneurship! Waste Kuangzhuan 20 million! How did she succeed? Today we’re going to hear her story.

2009 August, Zhang Liwen persuaded her boyfriend, together with the financing of 3 million yuan from France to purchase a set of squeezing equipment, built a grape seed oil plant".

originally received a master’s degree from Kasetsart University’s Zhang Liwen, and soon the students studying in France made contact. In the world famous wine producing areas of France, the students played the ball told her: grape seed oil! Hear this explosive news, Zhang Liwen had not slept overnight. Students also told her that grape seed oil contains about 4% of anthocyanins, anthocyanins have a good effect of beauty and beauty. Linoleic acid content of about 70%, but also contains vitamin E, vitamin A and other minerals needed by the human body. Grape seed oil is even more valuable than peanut oil, widely sold abroad.

2010 at the beginning of the year, grape seed oil market has become a sought after goods. Because the product does not worry about sales, raw materials and no money, this year, Zhang Liwen earned about 5000000 yuan.

once earned a pours Zhang Liwen, they encountered a new problem – the machine is stripped from the grape skin gradually piled up a hill. I believe that grape seeds are not garbage Zhang Liwen, do not believe that the grape seed skin can not be a baby. Her boyfriend was anxious: do not blind toss, grape seed skin and can not squeeze any oil, put it when the garbage thrown it!