A succulent plants to give up high paying white collar business income of hundreds of thousands

with a mini size and cute appearance, a pot of small fleshy plants can also become a business new hotspot, and provides good business opportunities for many entrepreneurs, planting succulents to entrepreneurship has become a good idea.

with succulents hot, more and more people into the business. This looks at the small gadget, really can make big business? The answer is yes! Village a fleshy annual income of 80 million, a staff college open shop selling hundreds of thousands of monthly sales.

stay "Adorable succulents worth tens of thousands of fleshy nanny" business ideas

"Yin Guanyu", 3 years ago three, four thousand dollars can buy down, now the price to seven thousand or eight thousand dollars, already have more than doubled. This basin is long with two horns like succulents, called "Millennium blue", don’t look very ordinary, but the price can sell 6000 yuan of money.

village "meat" the annual income of 80 million

because planting succulents, this village in 2014, a conservative estimate, the total income of nearly 80 million yuan, per capita of more than twenty-seven thousand dollars, is three times higher than the national rural per capita income of 8000 yuan.

From the

2015 in the first half of this year some succulents price has been higher than the same period two years ago over two or three times, especially the rare species, such as lotus and champagne wholesale price per tree has reached one hundred dollars. Most succulents shop, feel the blowout. In the first half of this year