Open dry cleaning stores to understand the daily management skills

dry cleaning industry in recent years, more and more fire, we have a plan to open dry cleaning stores. In fact, for each of a dry cleaning franchise store owner, dream of dry cleaning franchise business explosion of red, but want to go to a successful end, there are still many things to do, to start from little things in daily management.

A, should adhere to the system of post responsibility. Let employees know themselves in what position, what work, work and starting point and end point, how the operation notice for the next procedure and how to transfer good service work, a long stick, it will form an effective work mode, so as to enhance the work efficiency of the laundry.

two, adhere to the image of the store and keep working. To store the equipment and hygiene and items placed, according to the division of the position and area, adhere to do a good job cleaning every day to create a good atmosphere for laundry.

three, adhere to the uniform, clean, maintain a good appearance. It is an important way for the customer to take the bag and stick with the company uniform handbag.

four, improve the quality of products, adhere to the four step check. It is strictly forbidden to wash the quality is not up to the clothing, strengthen the technical training of the staff, can be for seasonal clothing transformation problem, the staff skills to carry out special subject learning, in order to continuously improve staff skills.

five, adhere to the humanized service. Guide the staff to make friends through the washing work and customer service work, to heart, to a new height, to achieve long-term stability of customers through our high-quality service.

runs a dry cleaners, to pay a lot of hard work, to learn a lot, the above is for you analysis on dry cleaning franchise management skills. Every detail of daily management is built after the foundation of your success is your shop, dry cleaning franchise guarantee business flourishing.