Wang Sicong’s new girlfriend to open the store to earn 150 million a year

entrepreneurship is an activity that everyone can carry out, not only you and me, even a lot of the more famous people have their own business, such as Wang Sicong’s girlfriend sydney. She is to open their own shop, business is very good, can earn 150 million a year! Today’s entrepreneurial story with a bit of entertainment, I hope you can enjoy.

reckon last year sold many clothes. In the seller’s page, click on the gold crown, you will see its credit rating system, the last six months (including only 7-8 months) praised the number of 294689 in the past six months, the number of praise, add up to a total of 873331. Look at the price of her guests, summer clothes generally single lower, in the 160 up and down, if the average winter to do a comprehensive, less than about 240. This is not recommended