How to do a good job in the countryside to join the franchise business

clothing market is a popular market, whether in the big cities or in rural areas is a very good investment projects. In 2011, with the first tier cities to cool sales, apparel industry to seek new blue ocean strategy has been increasingly mentioned on the agenda of the enterprise. Where is the blue ocean? Recently, a large number of industry consulting reports invariably point to the rural market.

many township of clothing brand stores as the local trend of " ", the holy land; franchisees who earn pours. So, in the face of rural consumers in rural areas, the County opened a brand store, how to operate, the market and the city and what is the difference? Listen to a town in Jiangxi and Henan County, two clothing dealers how to say.

to determine the basic information, to decide whether to do or do the bulk of brand monopoly, and brand monopoly you should choose what kind of brand. Ms. Xu himself after investigation and analysis found that the town of Shaxi is the region surrounding the goods distribution center, the town of junior high school students have their own style, but a lot of clothes store the old style, quality rough, young people love to buy clothes in the city. To this end, Ms. Xu " " in Mogao; outside the market town of Shaxi, not far from the school of distance.

in addition to like Ms. Xu will be locked in the source of middle school, township clothing store consumer groups mostly located in 35 year old middle-aged women, some infants and children’s clothing store business.