United States Survey 9 into Chinese support entrepreneurship

a company in the United States has revealed in the survey report, the Chinese people to change the inherent attitude ten years ago, more than 90% of people believe that entrepreneurship has become a positive social phenomenon. And more than 60% of Chinese have had entrepreneurial ideas.

China for respondents, "a better balance family and work, enjoy life", "self realization, achieve personal goals" and "extra income" is the most attractive people entrepreneurial top three reasons. At the same time, "no longer employed, being their own boss" and "getting rid of unemployment and re working" are also the reasons why people start their own businesses.

and Chinese respondents in global countries surveyed, most attract people to entrepreneurship is "no longer employed by people, be your own boss, but also ranked second in the" self realization, achieve personal goals ", and" better balance family and work, enjoy life "in the world only ranked fourth.

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